Victoria Beckham - words from Beijing

"I had a Rolex watch that David (Beckham) bought for my birthday. It's a man's Rolex watch and it's pink, like a rose gold, so, rose gold is an element that you see through the Range Rover, just in a very subtle way, but in a very chic way," she says from Beijing where she officially unveiled the car Sunday night. "So, (the Evoque) is definitely me. It's quite understated. It's just very chic. I find it very cool."
Beckham traveled to China with her 9-month-old daughter, Harper Seven, for the Range Rover trip, a parenting move that Beckham says helps keep her family running smoothly.
"Our priority will always be our children and each other," Beckham says of her and her soccer star husband of nearly 13 years. "Always has been that way and always will be that way. The boys (Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 7) are little boys and they love soccer, and so when they have a day off school, or it's a weekend, they want to go training with Daddy. That's great and he loves to have them with him. David is the most wonderful dad and husband."
And, although lugging four kids halfway around the world sounds like a daunting task, Beckham says she'd gladly do it, schedules permitting.
"I'd bring all the kids with me every time I go away to work, but I can't because they're at school, obviously because they're older. Whereas Harper being a baby, she can come with me. As a family, we like to do as much we can do together."
She peppers the conversation with casual, loving mentions of her superstar husband and says that even in designing the Evoque, she was, indeed, thinking of her better half.
"I've enjoyed over the years, with David, customizing cars that we have bought — not just Range Rovers— but lots of cars that we have bought over the years. It's something that I've always really, really enjoyed. I did the same with my car that I do with my clothes and sunglasses and handbags: I designed a car that I wanted to drive myself," she says. "I wanted a car that wasn't overly feminine. I wanted a car that I want to drive, but then David would feel proud to jump in it and take the car to training. So, I wanted a car that had a masculine feel, as well. Something that was cool, but not too try-hard. When you get in these cars, I want you to really feel the luxury as well as actually see the luxury."
Beckham is growing her brand in other interesting ways, too, using social media to offer fans and customers glimpses into her personal life such as Facebook photos of her and Harper's wardrobes. Naturally, a photo she tweeted of herself playing stewardess on her flight to Beijing Friday practically went viral.
"It's me. I like to have fun. I think it took us 20 hours to get to Beijing and everything I do, I like to have fun. I like to laugh, and that picture on the plane was me having fun," she says. "I don't take myself too seriously. It's not that I'm trying to show people I'm any different to what they think I am. It's just fun and it's nice to share that with people."
Ask her to preview a few details about the next iteration of her ubiquitous, celeb-adored, eponymous fashion line, however, and the sharing ends.
"No, I'm sorry, I can't. Nice try," she says with a laugh.

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