Josh Hutcherson about David Beckham

Josh Hutcherson was star-struck when he watched David Beckham play soccer

The 'Hunger Games' star doesn't get nervous when he meets other actors but he felt giddy when he attended a Los Angeles Galaxy game in which the former England captain played.

"The other day I went to an LA Galaxy game and David Beckham was, like, 15ft away from me and that kind of blew my mind. It blew most of the ladies' minds, too, because it was David Beckham. But for me it was more because I think he's an amazing athlete. I'm more star-struck by athletes than actors."
El actor de 'The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson dijo a la prensa que quedó maravillado con el talento de David Beckham en el partido de La Galaxy.
''El otro dia fui a un juego de Galaxy y estaba sentado muy cerca del cesped, tenia a David Beckham a unos pocos metros. Quedé impactado. También enloqueció a las mujeres presentes, pero a mi me impactó por el lado profesional, ya que pienso que es un jugador increíble''

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