No Spice Reunion

For the last few months, Mel B and Geri Halliwell have been dropping hints about the Spice Girls reunion, getting us all excited about the thought of bouncing around to Stop (of course we still know the dance, who doesn’t?) this summer.

Everyone suspected that they would be performing at the Olympics opening ceremony, but Mel B said in January: “Ooh, I think the Queen's Jubilee concert is the event I'd be looking at more closely for that to happen.”

Geri then practically confirmed the Spice Girls gig, telling reporters last month: “My pop career is about to come back. It's my first love.”
Mel C told new! magazine today that all the rumours are false. When asked about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee performance, Mel said: “Yep, not true.

“It was an honour to be asked, but not everyone is comfortable about doing it so we have to respect each other’s feelings about that.”
On meeting with the rest of the Spice Girls, Mel C said: “I saw them all apart from Mel B in January. She was only not there because she was in Los Angeles.

“In March she’s coming over. We’re all getting together. Myself, Geri and Emma all live in London and Victoria and Mel live in Los Angeles. When they come to London is usually when we see each other.”
She said: “We had lunch with all the kids.

“The older ones are quite protective. Scarlet and Bluebell get on well because they’re the girls that are closest in ages. Scarlett and Beau like playing together too. The older Beckham boys take care of the little ones.”

A pesar de los comentarios por parte de Mel B ('El Jubileo de Diamante de la Reina es el evento que más esperaría') y de Geri ('Mi viva de cantante pop esta por regresar!), Mel C declaró recientemente 'No todas se sienten cómoda en hacerlo, y debemos respetar el sentimiento de todas al respecto'.
También habló sobre las reuniones con sus amigas: 'Me ví con todas en enero. Menos con Mel B que estaba en LA. En marzo nos volveremos a juntar. Siempre almorzamos con todos los niños. Los mayores son bastante protectores. Scarlet y Bluebell se llevan bien entre ellas porque son niñas que estan en edades mas cercanas. Scarlett y Beau les gusta jugar juntas también. Los niños Beckham cuidan de los más pequeños'.

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