Google: David Beckham answers your questions

Sumate a Google+, envia tu pregunta con el hashtag #GoogleBeckham . se seleccionaran preguntas y la entrevista sera en vivo el 19 de enero en y luego puedes interactuar con david en google+!


David Beckham is joining the ranks of celebrities who are taking to YouTube to connect with their fans. The official YouTube blog announced the interview taking place at Google, and is giving users a chance to get in on the questions.

If you want the chance to ask Beckham a question, just head over to Google+, and post it, and be sure to include the hashtag, #GoogleBeckham. The interview will be streamed live on YouTube on January 19 at 9am PT, over on the YouTube channel, Talks@Google.

Of course, Google isn’t missing out on the opportunity to get its social network in on a little bit of the action. Google+ users will be able to hang out with Beckham immediately after the interview, at 10:30am PT. If you want to keep tabs on Beckham on Google+ before the hangout, check out his profile here.

To find out more about the interview and hangout, watch the video below:

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