David Beckham. Su retrato según John Squire

El artista John Squire ha hecho un retrato de celebridades, entre ellas: la de David Beckham (derecha).
El retrato de David Beckham estará en Londres a partir del 10 de junio de 2011 en Idea Generation Gallery.

David Beckham is among the famous faces to feature in a new exhibition by ex-Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, albeit in abstract form. They may be less pleased to learn they are joined by serial killer Harold Shipman.

John Squire: Celebrity, which opens next month, features paintings of ancient symbols and "mythical eight-pointed stars" portraying an array of well-known figures. "It's a brief respite from the endless bombardment of celebrity images," Squire said. "It asks: how often do we really need to see copies of complete strangers' faces, and why do we collectively choose those particular people?"

Squire is best known as one of the founding members of the Stone Roses. He painted the Jackson Pollock-inspired cover of their classic debut album in 1989. Following his departure from the band in 1996, Squire performed as a solo artist and as part of the Seahorses, before concentrating on becoming a visual artist. "Through this new body of work, Squire employs the icon of the eight-sided star to bring the contemporary obsession with fame and celebrity into critical focus," said Vivienne Gaskin, who is curating the exhibition at the Idea Generation Gallery in London. "The paintings call into question our celebration of known figures and, crucially, the value systems we have adopted as a society."

John Squire: Celebrity will open at the Idea Generation Gallery in London on 10 June 2011.


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