David Beckham en un choque de autos.

David Beckham chocó la parte trasera de un Mitsubishi dorado cuando llevaba a su hijo mayor, Brooklyn, a la escuela el viernes a la mañana. Afortunadamente, David y Brooklyn estan muy bien, pero el otro conductor tuvo que ser llevado al hospital porque se quejaba de dolor.

Esto sucedio cerca de Torrence, en las autopistas del sur. El hecho fue confirmado por la Patrulla de Autposta de California.

David Beckham no fue citado ni arrestado.


The footballer was unhurt in the crash on the 405 freeway which occurred on Friday morning as he was driving his eldest son Brooklyn, 12, to school.

Brooklyn was also unhurt.

Beckham's black Cadillac crashed into the back of a gold Mitsubishi which had broken down in the southbound car pool (car-sharing) lane, according to a Californian Highway Patrol spokesman.

The 40-year-old male driver of the other car was taken to a local hospital complaining of neck pain but was understood to be not seriously hurt.

Beckham's car was said to be one of many that swerved to avoid the broken down car.

The Mitsubishi reportedly only lost its bumper in the crash, which happened near Torrance, in south Los Angeles, on one of the city's busiest freeways.

Beckham and his family have been based in California since he joined local football team Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007.

The midfielder, who celebrated his 36th birthday at the beginning of the week, attended last month's royal wedding with his pregnant wife, Victoria, before flying to Texas for a game against FC Dallas two days later.

The Californian Highway Patrol spokesman said: "Yesterday at approximately 9.13am he [Beckham] was involved with a collision on the southbound 405 freeway just south of Artesia Boulevard.

"This collision occurred when his black Cadillac collided with the rear of a disabled gold Mitsubishi which was stalled in the car pool lane due to mechanical problems.

"The driver of the vehicle had a complaint of pain and was taken to hospital.

"David Beckham was not cited or arrested."


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