David Beckham hace compras inglesas muy dulces

David Beckham compró muchos dulces ingleses en una tienda en LA ayer. Él y los niños salieron con siete bolsas llenas! Según un inglés que ahora vive en USA y también estaba en la tienda dijo ''Aqui es donde vengo cuando extraño mi país. David Beckham estaba haciendo lo mismo, pero en mayor cantidad.''

David se llevó muchas barras de chocolate Cadbury, incluyendo Flakes, Twirls y Dairy Milks.


David Beckham and his children walked out with seven bags of British staples including mushy peas, HP Sauce, Heinz Baked Beans and Bassett's Jelly Babies.

The ace - tipped to return to Britain when his LA Galaxy contract ends this year - also picked up 36 Cadbury's chocolate bars, including Flakes, Twirls and Dairy Milks.

Boxes of Mr Kipling Cake Bars, Trebor Extra Strong Mints.

KP Hula Hoops and a bottle of Robinsons Orange Squash were added to the haul.

A British expat in the store revealed: "This is where I always come when I feel homesick.

"I stock up on beans and brown sauce, and Cadbury's bars for snacks.

"Becks was doing just the same - but in much larger quantities. He must be really missing Britain. And maybe Posh is craving her Flakes."

At the tills, BROOKLYN, 12, persuaded his dad to buy some white Maltesers. ROMEO, eight, and CRUZ, six, then argued over who would carry the treats

The onlooker said: "The boys asked for more and more and mainly got their way. It was like an average family trip to a sweet store, only more expensive."

Pete Samson- The Sun UK

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