Victoria Beckham en sweater estilo Fair Isle

Aquí vemos a Victoria Beckham en noviembre del año 2006 luciendo un hermoso sweater de Alexander McQueen. El estilo se lo conoce como 'Fair Isle' el cual se caracteriza por un método tipico de tejido y cocido utilizado para crear tramas de numerosos colores. Fair Isle surge del nombre de una pequeña isla en el norte de Escocia.


Fair Isle is a typical knitting and stitching method used to make patterns with numerous colors. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in northern Scotland. Classic Fair Isle styles have a very limited color palette of five or so, just use 2 colors per row, are performed as a whole, and limit the size of a run of any certain color.

Many individuals use the words “Fair Isle” to relate to any kind of color operate knitting in which stitches are knit alternately in a variety of colors, from the unused colors stuck along the back of the project.

Traditional Fair Isle sweater designs were reinvented in soft cotton or silk wools along with the latest zip-front cardigan sweater design. The Fair Isle styles are knit over the front yoke. Fair Isle zips and button top cardigan sweaters in howl.

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