David y Victoria hacen yoga juntos.

David y Victoria Beckham ''hacen yoga de pareja una hora dos veces por semana'', dijo una persona cercana a ellos a la revista NOW.

''Es una experiencia muy íntima. Tienes que aprender a ser una entidad entera. Te elongas, respiras, y te mueves como uno - es genial para parejas y es probablemente mucho mejor que hablar, de alguna manera.''

''Comenzaron a tomar las clases hace un año. Y es sorprenderte cómo los ves tan en sintonía estos días'' dijo un amigo de ellos.

Además de yoga, Posh hizo ejercicio cardiovascular con David hace poco.


Ever wondered how the Beckhamsmanage to stay strong despite every scandal thrown at them?

Well, Now can exclusively reveal their secret: couples' power yoga sessions.

Both David, 35, and Victoria, 36, attend the class at The Sports Club LA inBeverly Hills twice
a week.

‘Victoria and David do power yoga classes for couples for an hour about twice a week,' an insider tells Now.

‘It's a very intimate experience. You have to learn to become one entity entirely. You stretch, breathe and move as one - it's great for couples and is probably better than talking in a way.

'There's also meditation and reiki healing involved, which is an ancient hands-on energy technique. They also chant mantras together.'

It's clearly working a treat because their relationship is stronger than ever.

Last month, the couple, who've been married 11 years, were dealt a blow when prostitute Irma Nici claimed to have slept with David - a claim fiercely denied by the couple.

But in the face of adversity, you can always rely on a few sun salutations to keep your spirits alive.

‘They started taking the classes about a year ago and it's astonishing how in tune with each other they are these days,' says a close pal.

‘There's now a huge interest in the classes and that's down to how good the couple look and how close they seem.

'People think "Wow!" when they see them and want to be as close to their partner as Victoria is with David.'

As well as yoga, Posh also recently tried cardio sculpting with David.

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