David y Gordon van de campamento pero terminan en un hotel.

BRITISH celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he and soccer star David Beckham recently fled from gunfire during a camping trip in California, Sky

Speaking on BBC Radio, Ramsay said he and 35-year-old fellow Briton Beckham, who plays for LA Galaxy, arranged the trip to a spot outside Los Angeles with their children - but ended up in a hotel.

Hell's Kitchen star Ramsay, 43, said: "We went and got the tents, David set them up. We were camping next to this lake, turned up there was no-one on the campsite."

He continued: "We woke up about 4:30 in the morning to gunfire and there was this tent about half a mile [800 metres] away ... with these Mexicans shooting."

Ramsay apparently then told the children they had to leave because of a storm.

"We packed up and checked into the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego," he said.


David Beckham, su amigo el chef Gordon Ramsay (quien contó el episodio en un programa de radio) y sus hijos fueron a acampar. A las 4 am escucharon unos disparos.... era un grupo de mexicanos acampando cerca de ellos disparando sus armas al aire. David y Gordon llevaron a sus hijos al hotel Hard Rock en San Diego.

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