Victoria Beckham collection - InStyle

Gracias a nuestra lectora Sara, vemos que Courtney Cox aparece en la tapa de InStyle agosto 2010 luciendo un diseño de Victoria Beckham. También encontramos imágenes de Courtney luciendo otro de sus diseños en el video preview.
Thanks to our reader Sara, we can see Courtney Cox on the cover of InStyle Augost 2010 wearing a dress from Victoria's collection. Moreover, we have found some images of Courtney in Victoria's designs inside the mag.

Thank you, Sara!

Sara& Courteney Online.


Sara said...

I wonder if it is, it looks like it could be, but the seam is not visible on that photo. Probably just not good enough quality image. I really hope it is, it would be her first major cover for her dress, not worn by her.

Sara said...

Found the HQ of the cover, and yes i do believe it is VB's dress now, very nice. What an honour for her!

GlamBeckhams website said...

ohhhh fantastic! THANK YOU =)
ill post it now.