¡¡Feliz 2º aniversario!! // Happy 2 years!!

Muchisimas gracias por ser parte de este sitio y por todo el apoyo!

Con amor,
equipo GlamBeckhams.
Ahnny, Andre & Zayra
Thank you so much for being part of us and for your support!
GlamBeckhams team
Ahnny, Andre & Zayra


Karolinka.cy said...

thank you for keeping us up to date with Beckhams and bringing all the news! 2 years it's a long time but I wish you much more than that:)!!!

J M C said...

Happy Anniversary!!

You guys do a wonderful job here on the blog! Keep up the great work!

And on a personal note, thank you for being such kind and understanding people! Your friendly ways mean a lot to me!

xox - Jenna

Anonymous said...

gracias por informarnos sobre el dia a dia de los beckham.
me encanta el blog!

Anonymous said...

i just love this blog.
you gotta keep up the great work!