* Victoria Beckham recibió una oferta millonaria para diseñar un hotel
Un jeque le ofreció 40 millones de dólares para que se ocupe de un complejo temático en la Isla Moda, de Dubai
La ex Spice Girls Victoria Beckham recibió una oferta por 40 millones de dólares para diseñar un hotel de lujo en Dubai, informó hoy la prensa británica.
La esposa del futbolista inglés David Beckham, de 35 años, recibió la oferta del jeque de Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, quien le pidió diseñe el hotel temático en la Isla Moda.
Los Beckham conocieron a Al-Mahtoum el verano (boreal) pasado cuando se fueron de vacaciones con su familia en los Emiratos Arabes Unidos.
El exclusivo hotel está ubicado en el complejo The World, un archipiélago artificial de 300 islas construido en la forma del mapa mundial.
"Incluso en estas épocas de recesión, la oferta hecha a Victoria fue astronómica. Ella quedó absolutamente en shock", declaró una fuente allegada a la cantante y diseñadora de moda.
La ex Spice Girls aún no decidió si aceptar la oferta, pero en caso de sumarse al proyecto trabajará junto al diseñador francés Karl Lagerfeld.
"Victoria está siempre interesada en formas de hacer crecer su negocio, pero por ahora su prioridad es la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York la semana próxima", agregó un vocero de la ahora estilista británica.
*Victoria, al principio, tardaba 2 horas en arreglarse para llevar a los niños al colegio en LA. todo para empezar bien su estdía en los EEUU. Ahora ha decidido relajarse más.
* Los Beckhams quieren volver a Inglaterra.
Una fuente dijo a la revista Heat que Victoria se vio en las repeticiones de American Idol y no le gustó nada como actuó y habló. Esto hizo que quiera mudarse a Inglaterra de nuevo, aunque significaría haber perdido en EEUU.
*Victoria Beckham is mulling over an offer to help design a luxury hotel – for a jaw-dropping £25million fee.The ruler of Dubai,Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, personally wrote to ask her on tothe project after Posh, 35, and husband David met senior royals whileholidaying in the Gulf last year.The hotel would be on Isla Moda, a fashion-themed isle off Dubai being developed with the help of top designer Karl Lagerfeld.Amazingly, the mum of three may say no if she feels she does not have enough time to dedicate herself properly to the plan.Asource close to the deal said: “Even in these credit-crunched times,the fee offered to Victoria was astronomical. She was absolutelystunned.“But after meeting the Sheik and virtually the entireback catalogue of Who’s Who in Dubai last summer, she received an emailfrom him asking her to get involved with the project. She was asked toput her name to the hotel and help with everything from room design tothe make of the wardrobes and furnishings.”
*VICTORIA Beckham used to spend two hours getting ready to take her sons to school.Thesinger-turned-fashion designer — who has children Brooklyn, 10; Romeo,seven; and four-year-old Cruz with her soccer star husband David Beckham— insisted on sticking to an elaborate grooming routine in order tolook her best when performing everyday tasks in Los Angeles.“She was spending over two hours getting ready, just to take the kids to school!” a source revealed.However,the 35-year-old star has now embraced a more relaxed dress sense duringthe day time to help her avoid the constant media scrutiny.“Youwouldn’t believe what a difference it’s made to her life,” said thesource. “Cooling her love affair with high heels has been the latestbig development. She still cares about her image, but it was becoming areal burden.“At first, it was hard for her to accept that inHollywood, A-list stars go out of their way to dress down to avoidattention. Only wannabes dress up to try and generate interest inthemselves. In many ways, she was undermining her credibility with thelocals. She just didn’t fit in.”From now on, Victoria has vowed to take a more laid back approach to her appearance.“Victoriadoesn’t regret the way she looked, but by the same token she certainlydoesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of what she calls the ‘Posh andBecks days’,” added the insider.
* David and Victoria Beckham reportedly want to return to the UK.The England midfielder and ex-Spice Girl currently live in Los Angeles, though David is on loan at Italian club AC Milan until the end of the 2009/10 football season.A source told Heat: "They've both decided they want to move back to the UK as soon as possible."The idea of uprooting the kids is hard to face. She also feels that, in doing that, she is somehow throwing in the towel."They also claimed that Victoria was hurt by criticism of her guest judge stint on American Idol and unhappy with her appearance on the reality talent show.The insider said: "Victoria has watched re-runs of herself on American Idol and hates the way she looks and sounds... She's told David she will not do any major TV work again and won't sign up to the series."
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