Eva Longoria ''Un día quiero ser como Victoria Beckham

Eva Longoria dice ''Quiero ser como Victoria Beckham algún dia''admira lo madre y esposa que es. dice que victoria es fantastica, tiene glamour y es una mujer de negocios.
Eva Longoria Parker said she admires pal Victoria Beckham.
The 34-year-old star, who plays Gabrielle Solis in the hit US series, said she wants to be like the singer-turned-fashion designer.
She said to UK magazine new!: 'She's just an amazing woman. Victoria and I are in similar circumstances when it comes to our husbands.
'I admire the wife and mother that she is and, at the same time, this glamorous, beautiful businesswoman. I aspire to be like her some day.'
The actress is married to basketball star Tony Parker, 27, and said kids are definitely on the cards. Asked about children, she said: 'Yes! It's a matter of time.'

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