Tattoo: ''The Man Of Sorrows'' de Matthew R. Brooks

Daily Mail nos brinda información sobre sus otros tatuajes también [lo traduciré a la noche]:
* He also has a matching tattoo written in Hebrew, with his wife Victoria, using an inscription usually found on Jewish wedding rings: "I am my beloved, my beloved is mine".
* Victoria's name (spelt incorrectly) in Hindi, and, under it, the Latin phrase Ut Amem Et Foveam, meaning "So that I love and cherish".
* traditional Mandarin Chinese text quoting an old Chinese proverb that says: 'Death and life have determined appointments, riches and honors depends upon heaven.'
* One of Beckham's very first tattoos, was the name of his first son Brooklyn at the base of his spine. He also has the name of his two others sons, Cruz and Romeo, etched above and below his huge guardian angel.
* On his right arm, he had a Roman VII tattoo, his shirt number when he played at Manchester United - underneath the Roman numeral Becks has the Latin phrase Perfectio In Spiritu, meaning 'spiritual perfection'.
* On his right shoulder, there's an angel with the text 'In the face of adversity'.
David speaks about his tattoos:
In his autobiography Both Feet On The Ground, Beckham said of his tattoos: 'Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want to have with me always.
'When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about Victoria and the boys. They're part of me.'

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