David usa Skype con su familia.

Victoria Beckham habló con el sitio Absolute Now y nos contó que el otro día sentó a Brooklyn frente al ordenador por 20 minutos para que leyera a su padre. David lo ayudó con las tareas de la escuela.
También comentó que ella y David hablan 10 a 15 veces al día desde que él está en Italia.
David skypes!

They might be living thousands of miles apart, but that doesn't stop David Beckham from helping his boys with their homework - over Skype!

While Victoria Beckham is currently living in the couple's LA home with Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, David is on another continent entirely, playing for AC Milan in Italy.

But while Dad's away, he regularly talks to the kids using a web-cam, and gives them handy homework tips.

‘The other night I said to David, "I am really struggling with the homework here, and I have so much going on in the house",' Victoria told Absolute Now website.

So I sat Brooklyn down in front of the computer, and they Skyped for 20 minutes. Brooklyn did his reading to Daddy over Skype.'

VB also confessed that while David's away, they speak to each other at least ‘10 or 15 times a day.'

marie-claire.co.uk/Absolute Now

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