Nuevo grupo de colaboradores para dvb jeans.

Victoria consiguio un nuevo equipo de colaboradores para sus jeans.
se habia peleado con el dueño de Rock&Republic por usar material de mala calidad en sus diseño.
Victoria Beckham enlists new team to revamp dVb jeans company
Having branched into fashion, Victoria Beckham sensibly enlists the help of established fashionistas to ensure she is a success.Roland Mouret famously assisted the former Spice Girl with her debut dress collection, and now a new team has been drafted in to help her relaunch dVb Denim. Says a spy: ‘One of the girls is a denim specialist. Victoria makes out she’s hands-on, but she doesn’t sit there cutting patterns.’Posh fell out with the boss of Rock & Republic when she collaborated with the label, and came under fire for using cheap fabrics in her latest designs. A spokesman for Victoria said: ‘There is a new production team for the denim line. It will launch next year.’

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