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* What's your schedule in China? Will our fans have a chance to meet you face to face ? 
VB: I'm very excited to be going to Lane Crawford tomorrow at the Yin Ti mall and hope lots of my fans come to see me. I will be there a long time so hopefully I can meet everyone ! x vb

[-Cuál es tu itinerario en China? Tus fans podrán conocerte personalmente?
VB: Estoy muy contenta de ir a la tienda Lane Crawford mañana en el centro comercial Yin Tin y espero que muchos fans vengan a verme. Estaré allí bastante tiempo asique espero conocerlos a todos! x VB]

*Some Of Your collections have already been appreciated by celebrities. Are there any celebrities or artists that you would love to work w/ or to see him/her wearing your products?
VB: its not just celebrities that i like to wear my product. i like to see all women wearing my clothes and reach as many of them as i can! There are so many beautiful women in Beijing that i would love to dress! x vb
[-Algunas celebridades aman tus colecciones. Hay alguna celebridad o artista con la que te gustaría trabajar o verla lucir tus diseños?
VB: No solo celebridades. Me gusta ver a todas las mujeres luciendo mis diseños y poder vestir a todas! Hay mujeres muy hermosas en Beijing que me encantaría vestir!]

Hello,Queen V! firstly,welcome to China! I want to know that as a wife ,mother and a fashion designer,how do you balance work and family!Because your family is so warm and happiness!
VB: Hello, family is everything to me - my family and David will always be my priority. Its a juggling act but thats something that all mums feel! x vb
[Hola, reina V! Primero, bienvenida a China! Como esposa, madre y diseñadora que sos, me gustaría saber como haces un balance entre trabajo y familia! Tu familia es muy cálida y feliz.
VB: Hola. La familia lo es todo para mi. My familia y David siempre serán mi prioridad. Es un juego de malabares pero eso es algo que todas las madres sentimos!

* (Question in Chinese)
VB: I wanted to perform when i was young, but I always dreamt of being involved in fashion. If I hadn't been a designer I would still like to have been involved in fashion in someway - fashion or photography x vb
[Pregunta en chino.
VB: De niña quería cantar, pero siempre soñé con trabajar en moda. Si no fuera diseñadora, igual me gustaría estar involucrada en el mundo de la moda de alguna manera - moda o fotografía.]

* (Question in Chinese)
VB: I would say follow your heart, believe in your dreams and focus. Believe in yourself and work hard! x vb
[Te aconsejo que escuches a tu corazón, creas en tus sueños y te enfoques en ello. Cree en vos mismo y trabaja duro! x vb]

When will your new VB series come out to us?! We always r expect for it!!
VB: I've just presented my first pre-collection, that will be the next collection in stores and i will be presenting my summer collection this September in New York! x vb
[Cuándo llegarán tus nuevas colecciones? Siempre las esperamos con ansias!
VB: Acabo de presentar mi primera Pre-colección  que estará en las tiendas ahora y voy a presentar mi colección verano en septiembre en Nueva York! ]

Posh. I want to know what's the inspiration of your design? Then. how do you like China? will you stay China for a long time ? look forward to replying!
VB: I love China! I love the women in China they really understand fashion and are beautiful! I'm inspired by what women want to wear and making women feel confident and beautiful! x vb

you are my fashion idol , can you give Chinese women some advice about how to demonstrate themselves better when choosing clothes?
VB: Wear clothes that suit you, that clothes that make you feel good, but still feel comfortable! x vb

Do you want your children to continue to engage in football career or engaged in the field of fashion, or other?
VB: Whatever makes them happy! x vb

hello queenV.welcome to China.hope you can enjoy the trip here. If it possible,next time when you come China,will you please take your kids?We all love them.
VB: Thank you. I'd love to bring my children. I love China and David and I would love to bring them on our next trip! x vb

Many Chinese fans are like harper, have thought about her future in the fashion job?
VB: We are feeling the love for Harper and the boys here! I don't know what any of them are going to do i just want them to be happy and healthy! x vb

hey Victoria~What do you think is the popular elements of this summer?
VB: I think colour is important in the summer, i think it can make you feel energised, uplifted and ready to go! x vb

What do you think is the most important for a woman? Family or career? What time or what is making you feel moved, you are very beautiful
VB: Thank you! Family should always come first, but I feel very lucky and blessed to have a great career. x vb

Great chatting with you all, I'm having so much fun here! Thank you for all your support and look forward to seeing you at Lane Crawford tomorrow! x vb

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