Victoria Beckham: The Vogue Festival 2013

Sunday April 28. Victoria Beckham arrives to give a talk about her life as part of the 2013 Vogue Festival at the Southbank in London.

Designer VICTORIA BECKHAM attended The Vogue Festival 2013 and, interviewed by Vogue UK's Editor Alexandra Shulman, she shared a really nice talk with  lots of fashion bunnies and answered some questions. Her style is defined by her own collection SS13 and AW13, and shoes by Casadei. Her son Brooklyn and her parents accompanied her.

[Sunday, 7am here in Argentina, I got up to read it all live. Totally worth it. She is such an beautiful inspiration!]

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Victoria Beckham - wearing pieces from her eponymous brand - opening day two of the VogueFestival in conversation with Alexandra Shulman.Photo By Morgan O'Donovan 

by British Vogue:
Brooklyn Beckham and @victoriabeckham's parents arrive at her #voguefestival talk

Vogue editor @AShulman2 introduces @victoriabeckham as a "phenomena" #voguefestival

"There's a lot of people here, I hope I'm going to say something good now" 

"I get inspired from travelling and from being at home and being a wife and mother"

"I often look at things I don't normally wear to challenge myself each season" - @victoriabeckham #voguefestival

"I get naked and make clothes on myself"- @victoriabeckham on her design process #voguefestival

"I've always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry, I felt it in my tummy"

-          @victoriabeckham says she wanted to wait until she could fund her brand herself before starting her label

"I have the same team that I had when I first started...I encourage them to grow as I grow"

"I have people in my team that started out as interns for me and now are high up in the brand" 

"being a working mum you feel guilty every day that you go to work" @victoriabeckham #voguefestival

"It's great I'm here in London...there's a lot of balls I'm juggling at the moment, it's easier being here" 

"At the beginning there was a lot of raised eyebrows, or those that could raise their eyebrows"- 

"when I started i did 1 on 1 presentations, i'd talk for hours to people that didn't even speak English" 

"I think a lot of people probably thought 'shut up, stop going on about a bloody grosgrain waistband!'"- 

"I'm a perfectionist, I'm probably a complete pain in the neck to work with" 

"I like people to see the collection through my eyes" 

"I'd never say never to showing in London, but I've got a great thing going in New York. Maybe one day" 

"Yes I like to be creative but I'm also running a business and I'd like to be here in 20 years time"-

"I welcome constructive criticism - a lot of the fashion press have been very supportive"

"My reviews get stronger and stronger each season" –

At the beginning I was so aware of preconceptions but there's less of that now.Im grateful to the industry"

"I love clothes!"

"I've got 4 kids - Brooklyn is here today! Finding out that mummy actually does have a job"

-          @AShulman2:"Victoria how do you get dressed in the morning?" @victoriabeckham:"Well I put one foot in, then the other..."

"I am looking into [standalone] retail. We did ecommerce because I love Internet shopping"

"I get a little bit bored, I'd like to do something different now"- @victoriabeckham on opening a standalone store

"Late night is when I pluck my eyebrows, put on a face pack"-

"I'm up late with a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed BROOKLYN"

"the children are my priority, they always have been and always will be"

-@AShulman2: "You travel a lot, how do you manage with that?" @victoriabeckham: "Dark glasses Alex"

"I believe whatever you can do you should do to the best of your ability."

"I'm ambitious and not afraid of working have to be disciplined"

"it would be good for me to be more relaxed - I'm really boring."

"I love heels but I do actually wear flats - the amount of attention I get for wearing flats is ridiculous"

"I'll help with the Easter bonnet parade, but I have a busy schedule, my children are my priority "

"maybe one day I'd do a high street collaboration but right now I don't have time"

"I like to work out - I do Tracy Anderson - dancing on the treadmill"

" I like the concept of buy now wear now. I think my production team are about to kill themselves"

"I believe in aiming high, follow your instincts."

"I'd definitely do a fragrance. I don't want to give up any control. I dot every 'I'"

"I'm nice! Everyone thinks I'll be a cow. I understand. I think it when I see the pictures."

"my Mum is my role model - don't cry mum’’

"There are a lot of strong women out there - both working and as mothers"

"we love to have children at work - mine are always running around"

"I want women to feel confident and beautiful in my designs - from a 360 angle"

"there need to be more women supporting women. Not just in fashion, in general"

"you've got to be prepared to start from the bottom and work up" @victoriabeckham on internships, speaking at the #voguefestival

"I love to be in store with my customers. It will be me and them in the fitting room."

"I dreamed of being on the cover of Vogue, everyone who loved fashion loves Vogue"

"it was the cover of Vogue, it was me, who'd have thought?"

"if you'd told me how many people were here I might have got up and sung, that would have been a worry"


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"I'm nice! Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cow," she said today at the Vogue Festival in association with Vertu, where she kicked off the day's proceedings - smiling throughout, we might add. "I understand it actually. I think the same when I see the pictures."
Queues started forming two hours before the designer took to the stage with Alexandra Shulman this morning - and she did not disappoint as she discussed her life, career and how she established her two fashion labels. She was supported by 14-year-old son Brooklyn and her parents, Jackie and Tony, who watched from the front row.
"There's a lot of people here, I hope I'm going to say something good now," she said, as she gazed around at the full auditorium.
Addressing the cynicism surrounding her move into the fashion industry, she revealed that it was hard work that eventually made the fashion press take notice.
"At the beginning there was a lot of raised eyebrows, from those who could raise their eyebrows," she laughed. "When I started, I did one-on-one presentations, I'd talk for hours to people who didn't even speak English. I think a lot of people probably thought, 'Shut up, stop going on about a bloody grosgrain waistband!' But I'm really grateful to the industry."
The designer, who currently shows at New York Fashion Week, hasn't ruled out joining the London schedule in the future.
"I'd never say never to showing in London, but I've got a great thing going in New York. Maybe one day," she said, following much encouragement from Shulman. "I  am looking into [standalone] retail too - the e-commerce has been going really well. I get bored easily so it's time for something new."
But, almost despite herself, the topic Beckham returned to most often was the importance of her children and her role as a mother first and foremost. 
"My children are my priority and always have been. I'm up early in the morning doing spelling tests and maths quizzes before the school run, then up late with a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed - Brooklyn," she said, gesturing to her son in the audience.
"I love having children in the office, mine are always running around," she added. "I had one of those swingy chairs for Harper in my office and she'd bounce one way and swing into a roll of fabric and then bounce the other way and crash into a bag of samples."
Now at the helm of an ever-expanding empire, the designer explained that a high street collaboration is not out of the question ("Maybe one day, but right now I don't have the time"), and that a fragrance launch is something she would consider in the future.
As the talk drew to a close Beckham seemed almost surprised that she'd held the audience's attention for so long. "Gosh, is that it?" she exclaimed. "Thank you so much to everyone that came, I didn't expect so many people. If you'd told me how many, I might have got up and sung a song. Now that would have been a worry."
- Lisa Niven and Ella Alexander

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