Victoria Beckham: Eyewear collection

 Easy On The Eyes 

Victoria Beckham Optical Collection Those with twenty-twenty vision have never felt so slighted as with the release of Victoria Beckham’s Optical Collection. The newest territory in the English entrepreneur’s ever-expanding empire, the au courant assortment in conjunction with Cutler and Gross hits stores next month, aka, if you’re in need of a new pair of glasses, the stars are aligned for you to see spectacularly! Debuting six striking styles out the gate, available in three sleek colorways no less, the selection boasts handcrafted frames made of the highest quality material. Coinciding with Beckham’s sought-after sunglasses, each pair is iconic in shape and features thoughtful details echoing their maker’s chic and versatile aesthetic. Are you blessed with immaculate eyesight, but still craving a pair of these beautiful bifocals? Go ahead and fake it, your secret’s safe with us! Availability: 

Victoria Beckham Optical Collection ($410-$530, available next month on For additional information, visit


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