Emma Bunton 'I love it when Victoria is in London'

Emma Bunton reckons she’s one Spice Girl that will get to hang out with Victoria Beckham after shooting down rift talk.

Baby Spice said rumours Posh had been frozen out by the group were ‘silly’ after she failed to join them on the red carpet at the Viva! Forever premiere, before partying separately.
Looking forward to the return of the Beckham clan, the 36-year-old told Metro: ‘I love it when she’s home because that’s the time we get to hang out. So yeah, I’m looking forward to that, her coming back.’ Glossing over the distance between the fashion designer and the other four girls at last month’s party she said: ‘I think it’s ridiculous. At the end of the day she came with her family and it’s silly. People always say things, don’t they?’ Meanwhile, working mum Emma says the Spices are thrilled about her new gig alongside Jamie Theakston as host of London’s Heart Breakfast show. ‘I’ve spoken to the other girls and they think it’s brilliant. They love the show so I’m sure they’ll be coming in. They love Jamie too. They might not come and see me, but they’ll come and see him!’

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