Hi Kate Andrews, my most cherished role would be as a wife and mother to my children and my husband and they will always be my priority. I consider myself to be so blessed to have a job that is my passion, I couldnt do it without the support and love of my family x VB
 Hi Susie M Holt, my current guilty pleasure is Manolo Blahnik BB pumps x VB
 hi Nina Evans, how cool is Georgia! x VB hi Gemma Robson, we are working on e Commerce and retail! x VB
 hi Charlie Maeer, what day off! x VB
 hi Yasmin Yusuf, the boys have great style, yes they pick their own clothes x VB
 hey M.a. Babs, London! x vb hi Samantha Abbott, i love Japanese x VB
 hi Ilea Wahla, no plans for a baby or childrens line at the moment x VB
 hi Marcela Mora, I wear Chanel Gardenia x VB
 hi Maxilie Mlinarskij, one of my favourite models is Anabela Berlikova. She was in my last 2 shows. x VB

This is me! YAY!! Thank you so so much, VB:

[Thank you to everybody for all your questions! lets hang out again soon. Hope you enjoy my issue of Glamour, I loved creating it, thank you to Cindi and the team. Goodnight fashion bunnies! x VB]

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