Victoria Beckham - store in London

Victoria Beckham has revealed she's working on opening a shop in London.
The Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer told CNN: "People say, 'Am I going to have my own store?' I would love to. That's what I'm working on at the moment.
"That would probably be in London but in the not-too-distant future maybe, it will be Hong Kong. Who knows?"
She added that there are still many things she would like to do, including expanding her fashion brand into Asia and developing the e-commerce side of her business.
She said: "What I do really is not just focus on the US or England. I mean there are a lot of territories that are really big for me and Asia is very exciting. I'm just scratching the surface at the moment."
Victoria, who has four children with husband David, also revealed how she stays healthy despite the pace of her life.
She said: "I think it's important to be healthy, I eat healthily, I work out when I can, I'd like to work out more but when you've got lots of children that's difficult. I'm really happy, I think it's important to laugh a lot, to enjoy your life."

Victoria Beckham confirmó a CNN que esta planeando abrir una tienda propia en Londres. ''La gente me pregunta si voy a tener una tienda propia. Me encantaría. Estoy trabajando en eso ahora. La tienda estaría ubicada en Londres pero en un futuro cercano podría estar en Hong Kong, quién sabe.'' Victoria agregó que hay muchas cosas quiere hacer todavía, lo que incluye expandir su marca a Asia y desarrollar el lado cibernético en su negocio.
''Lo que hago es evitar enfocarme en Estados Unidos o Inglaterra. Hay muchos lugares y Asia es fascinante. Estoy probando de a poco por el momento.''
''Creo que es muy importante ser sano, comer sano, hago ejercicio cuando puedo, me gustaría más pero es difícil cuando uno tiene hijos. Estoy muy feliz, pienso que es importante reirse mucho, disfrutar tu vida.''

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