Video/Pictures/Press kit/Article: Victoria Beckham - Range Rover Special Edition - Beijing

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque Special Edition - Beijing, China.

 is something that makes my day: Victoria Beckham's image. The moment Aaron tweeted about it to me, I clicked on the link, saw her face and I just started shedding a tear smiling seeing so much beauty!!!! i love love love her. I pray someday I can work by her side as a reporter about her and David's work straightly from the place! :)

HQs pictures 
 Photographer: Nick Knight 


+: Download HUGE pictures of Victoria Beckham and the inside of the vehicle by Nick Knight in the following link//Descarga GIGANTES fotografías de Victoria Beckham y del interior del vehiculo.Fotografo: Nick Knight.

Victoria and Range Rover Evoque by Nick Knight

The Range Rover Evoque created the premium compact SUV segment since going on sale in September 2011. Recipient of more than 100 international awards, the Evoque has been an unprecedented global success attracting a whole new group of customers to Land Rover.

Thanks to its unique combination of dramatic design underpinned by the brand's core credentials of capability and luxury, 70% of customers are new to the SUV segment and the Land Rover brand.  
Personalisation has formed a key part of the Range Rover Evoque's appeal. Each of the three standard trim levels - Pure, Prestige and Dynamic - can be further individualised with a huge range of options from alloy wheel designs and contrasting roof colours to 16 'Designer Choice' interiors.
Now, Land Rover has extended the principle by offering an exclusively designed Range Rover Evoque Special Edition created as a result of a collaboration between Land Rover Design, led by Gerry McGovern with Victoria Beckham, winner of the coveted Designer Brand of the Year award at the 2011 British Fashion Awards.
Gerry McGovern, Director of Design, Land Rover explains: "The design of Evoque has truly captured the hearts of customers worldwide. Working with Victoria the intention was not to change the fundamental architecture and award winning design of the Range Rover Evoque. We wanted to create a Special Edition that extends its character in a new direction through understated, restrained colour and detail changes.
"Both Land Rover and Victoria Beckham are British luxury brands with credibility and global appeal, this dual 'Britishness' makes the collaboration even more exciting especially when considering the huge audience for bespoke products around the world, particularly in China, Russia and Brazil where Land Rover is growing".
Victoria Beckham said: "I was very excited to be working with Land Rover as I have an enormous amount of respect for the brand. I've always driven a Range Rover, for me they are the epitome of quality and luxury.
"For me you should feel luxury. My brand is known for quality and workmanship and so is Land Rover. So for me it felt like the perfect collaboration."


Victoria Beckham Designs New Baby Range Rover.
Yup, Mrs Beckham was the surprise celeb who stepped up alongside Land Rover design God Gerry McGovern; in a few seconds, she was turned from mere celeb into Range Rover Creative Design Executive.
Step aside Murat Gunak and Luc Donckerwolke, Victoria’s here to show you how it’s done! Needless to say, commentary over said decision soon came via the net.
What does she know about car design was the general consensus, filtering out the obscenities. Madness, they said: Land Rover, what are you doing?
Sure enough, Ms. Becks ensured the 2011 Range Rover Evoque became news the following day. ‘Victoria becomes car designer’ was splashed everywhere went, in handy economy with the truth. ‘Victoria designs new Range Rover’, they continued. ‘Victoria reinvents the 4-wheel-drives’ they could have carried on.
So, what does she know about car design? To be honest, probably nothing. She doesn’t need to, though. Land Rover has car designers for that.
Instead, what she’s bringing is (ahem) posh market insight.
Posh advises on posh for the posh
Range Rover held its 40th anniversary (and Evoque reveal) bash in association withVogue magazine, at posh Kensington Palace (it of Princess Diana fame). Celebs duly attended not because of the car, but because other celebs and famed types were.

As all they were, so too were the photographers. And the TV channels. And the celeb reporters. And… well, you get the idea. VB was right at home, and the Evoque was granted instant premium gravitas as a result.
Now, on the night, Gerry McGovern’s explanatory words may have sounded reluctant lip service, but they in fact reveal why she’s there. Edited down, they’re a great insight:
Design and trends… understands luxury products… owned Range Rovers in the past… her products bought by women… new dimension… wider audience.
This is a Range Rover for women. Posh, beautiful women, who like Jimmy Choo shoes and other posh things a male journo can’t ever hope to understand.
We are not in the least bit qualified to offer commentary on what the market likes and hates here. McGovern maybe isn’t, either. For that, you need someone who does mix in those circles. Such as VB.
She won’t be drawing the cars. Gerry McGovern probably doesn’t draw the cars anymore, either; he directs others, provides the framework, the inspiration, the leadership. With her own luxocelebfeminine agenda, this is what Beckham will be doing, too.
I reckon it’s a bit of a forward-thinking coup. Knock Brand Beckham if you like, but there’s no doubting it’s effective.
Besides, Range Rover did something identical years back, and we didn’t slate it so then. Indeed, today, the Vogue Range Rovers remain on sale and are the ones motoring journos hope for in press fleets (it’s always amusing to step from a Kia Picanto into something with Wilton carpet mats).
Anyway, all these posh people paying premium prices for Range Rovers means they can be created at such vast expense and given the pricey technical features that so wow we car nuts. We all thus benefit!
Thanks, VB.
UPDATE – April 2012: Range Rover Evoque Special Edition with Victoria Beckham
At the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, Range Rover finally released a genuine ‘Victoria Beckham Evoque’. It’s a very special special edition, is expected to cost £80k, and is revealed in full in my piece for MSN Cars…


I quote JustJared:

''Victoria Beckham has partnered with the Land Rover Design team to launch the all new Range Rover Evoque Special Edition!
The 38-year-old award-winning fashion designer also teamed up with fashion photographer Nick Knight to create a film and bank of images to bring this collaboration to life!
The Range Rover Evoque Special Edition is a four-seat coupé featuring bespoke luxury and sporting details and is the first ever Land Rover to feature exclusive, hand-finished matt paint. The special edition car, which was launched in Beijing, China, is limited to 200 vehicles worldwide with first vehicles allocated to Chinese customers.''

Thank you so much for info!
Cito a

''Victoria Beckham se ha unido con el Equipo de Diseño de Land Rover para lanzar una Edición Especial de Range Rover Evoque!
La galardonada diseñadora de 38 años también trabajó con el fotografo Nick Knight en la creación de un film y un banco de imágenes para dar nacimiento a esta colaboración.
Esta edición especial es una coupée de 4 asientos con detalles lujosos y también deportivos. Es la primera Land Rover que se presenta con pintura mate a mano.
Hay solo 200 en stock, los primeros vehiculos se lanzan en Beijing, China, para sus clientes de allí.

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