1 Feb'12 David Beckham at H&M: A fan story

By Allysha Johnson who kindly sent his story and picture to GlamBeckhams website.

''When I am waiting to see him, my heart was pounding although I didn't know what to expect, especially of what he was gonna wear. So I was there waiting till 4pm...it was 4pm but unfortunately that was not the case, he arrived 15 minutes late, but isn't that what you would expect from a celebrity to arrive only 15 minutes late? My first impression when I saw him, I was completely starstruck because he was probably for me the best celeb I've seen out of any celeb appearance!
Out of all my pics most of them weren't that good due to me being too shaky and starstruck so this was one my only best one..well its not the best but at least its something!

Inside he was very friendly, talking about how his mum wouldn't like seeing him in his underwear again and all the rest of it!

Will I forget this moment?...probably not and of course next for me will of course be seeing his wife!''

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