Victoria Beckham collection: Vogue

Vogue Alemania septiembre 2011 // Vogue Germany September 2011

Thank you Miss Dalloway -The Fashion Spot for scan and Aaron for info!


Sara said...

This is a scan from The Fashion Spot posted by Miss Dalloway, its NOT scanned by Aaron, i don't know why he would even pretend!

I'm firm believer that we should all credit sources where we got images from, and not try and take it for ourselves.

No offense, and i love all the scans Aaron shares with us, ut i dislike dishonesty!

GlamBeckhams website said...

Sara: He tweeted me immediately after he sent the email that the scans were from tFS. It is my fault this time, as I am rushing with homework from uni and I didnt add the source immediatelly, then I forgot but now you reminded me of it, so THANK YOU.
But I want to make it clear that Aaron ALWAYS tells me the source, name of user that made the scans,etc and I post it. :)
Have a great day xxxx

Sara said...

Oh ok then, i thought its very strange because he sends such amazing scans, and never takes credit of others to see this.

Thank you for explaining, i really dont like when people dont say the real source.