7 September 2011 - I like to dance to the sound of life

Happy Bday to meee! 29

29 at 4,30pm
Thank you God for all the blessings. May this year be better for the world. Let's continue DOING, MAKING PROGRESSES, MAKING SMILES.
Thanks to my family(+puppy), friends, Beckhamholics for the great moments together.
THANK YOU Victoria Beckham for the great example you set.

Big Hug, everyone!!!



khyrull said...

Happy Birthday, Ahnny! Wish you a wonderful year and for more years to come. Enjoy your Bday, enjoy the life to the fullest.

Love your VB blog! I visit everytime!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy b-day, Ahnny! Have a great day and keep up the good work!

Kisses from Romania!

GlamBeckhams website said...

Thank you both very very much! :)