Range Rover Evoque - Victoria Beckham edition

Proximamente, saldra a la venta la Range Rover Evoque SUV - edición Victoria Beckham.
Con el nacimiento de la niña Harper Seven, el proceso tuvo que ponerse en pausa, pero pronto Victoria volvera para terminar el proyecto y lanzar el producto.
También ayudó un poco con el diseño del interior del Evoque SUV que fue lanzado hace un tiempo atras.

Land Rover soon will offer a Victoria Beckham special edition of the new Range Rover Evoque small SUV that just went on sale there.

The stylish Evoque will come to the USA this fall, and Drive On hopes we get the special edition by the former Posh Spice as well.

Autocar says sources at Land Rover tell them the design of the special edition is done and launch awaits Beckham's return after the recent birth of her and soccer star David Beckham's fourth child and first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham (the middle name is Beckham's number and not, as rumored, the episode of Seinfeld about a child named for Micky Mantle's number).

Price hasn't been set, but expect style, not a bargain, from Beckham, who has her own fashion line and is also officially a Creative Design Executive for Land Rover. She helped create the Evoque interior.

Land Rover recently announced the U.S. Evoque will be rated 19 city, 22 highway -- best of any Land Rover sold here -- and that it will start at $43,995 plus shipping for the five-door, $1,000 more for the three-door. Land Rover has launched a U.S. website for it here.

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