Elle Macpherson habla sobre Victoria Beckham collection>>Elle Macpherson talks about Victoria Beckham collection

Elle Macpherson has revealed she wears Victoria Beckham's designs whenever possible because she loves how flattering they are for her figure.

Elle Macpherson loves Victoria Beckham's fashion line because the clothes embody the way she likes to dress.

The supermodel is hugely impressed with how the former Spice Girl has reinvented herself as a respected fashion designer and says Victoria's simple, elegant designs are "beautiful" and "timeless".

She explained: "I think Victoria is one of the smartest businesswomen around. She has really taken that brand and followed her dreams when people said that she couldn't do it and that's what I really love about her.

"She's always been fascinated and passionate about fashion and she found the best people she could to make dresses that fit like a glove.

"They're really beautiful, they're timeless and they come to the knee. For me, they make the body look amazing and they're very simple. They really embody the way that I like to dress and she has really tapped into it and does it better than anybody."

However, Elle admitted she tries not to wear to same dresses as Victoria because she believes she will never look as good.

She explained to Scotland's Daily Record: "Unfortunately when you see her in a dress and then you in a dress, you think, 'Oh gosh, better not pick that one!'"


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