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David Beckham hablo con Sky Sport News y dijo que Manchester City nunca podrá igualar al Manchester United. ''Traen buenos jugadores, tienen gente fuerte con mucho dinero detrás, asique van a mejorar. Pero nunca serán Manchester United. El City podrá ser una amenaza esta temporada, pero United tiene su historia y premios de los ultimos 20 años. Hay solo un equipo en Manchester, pero estoy seguro de que el City será un equipo al cual admirar por su progreso.''

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Beckham said: "They're bringing good players in, they've got strong people with a lot of money behind them, so they're going to improve.
"But they'll never be Manchester United. They might be a threat this season, but United have got the history, the silverware over the last 20 years.

"There's only one team in Manchester, but City I'm sure will be a team to look at going forward."

Beckham will face City this weekend with his LA Galaxy side before playing an MLS all-star team next Wednesday.

The midfielder says that although the amount of money available to the club is "incredible", team spirit still needs to be built.

“The money that has been pumped into the club [City] has been incredible,” said Beckham.

“Players have been bought and that does a lot but United have that history and its not all about paying fortunes for players.

“It’s important that the players get along with each other, for example. That makes team spirit. As much as they have got the money to bring players in, sometimes that doesn’t work.

“If they continue they will be a threat but there are no guarantees. I don’t know. I haven’t been around their team and their squad and I wouldn’t want to be around Man City.

“If they continue to bring players in then who knows? You saw it with Chelsea when Roman [Abramovich] arrived. They won two leagues and they won them on the trot. It works sometimes, but hopefully it won’t work at City.

“This game on Sunday is just a small game. I am looking forward more to the All-Stars game against the best team in Manchester. The best team in England. That’s going to be a great game.

“There is no extra motivation because it’s Man City. It’s just another game. It’s not special to me because it’s Man City. I am a Man United fan."

City finished third in the league last year and won the FA Cup, and many are expecting them to improve further.

This is despite the uncertainty surrounding Carlos Tevez, who Beckham believes will not be a huge loss for City due to their ability to replace the Argentine.

"Tevez was a really strong player for them last season," he continued. "So if they lose him it will be disappointing.

"But they've got a lot behind them as an organisation, so they can afford to bring world class players in. If they continue to do that I'm sure they'll be strengthened."

City have already been heavily linked with a move for Tevez's international team-mate Sergio Aguero.
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