David Beckham: ''2012 will be best Olympics''

(CNN) -- As one of the world's most famous sportsmen, David Beckham is used to being center stage. But next year the English soccer star is looking forward to being "a fan" in what he tells CNN will be "one of the best, if not the best Olympics of all time."

The 36-year-old grew up in East London, parts of which have been transformed in the past few years as Britain's capital gears up to host the 2012 Games.

Beckham has been a key backer of the event and was present as an official ambassador in Singapore in 2005 when London was handed the Olympics for the third time -- becoming the first city to do so in the modern era.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player remained coy about his possible involvement with Team GB, preferring to focus on his nomination of 18-year-old Gabriella Roseje as one of 8,000 torch bearers for the pre-Olympics relay next year.

2012 Olympic torch relay confined to Britain's borders
Our country will make this Olympics one of the best, if not the best Olympics of all time

"My goal is first I want to be a fan at the Olympics and support our Team GB to win as many medals, to win as many gold medals, and to make our country proud, which they will do because we've got so many great young athletes that have been around for a while," Beckham, also an ambassador for 2012 sponsor Samsung, told CNN.

"So, it's an exciting time, and with my involvement I just want to be a part of it. For it to be in the East End of London is a proud moment for myself, and to be there with my sons, possibly my daughter, my wife, it's going to be a proud moment for not only myself but for many people in this country."

Beckham said people like Roseje, from the south-east London area of Bermondsey, represented a bright future for British sport.

"It's what she does for other people is one of the reasons I've sat up and taken notice in the special things that she's done," he said.

"It's young people like Gabriella that are going to be inspired by the Olympics in our country. People are going to be looking at Gabriella thinking, 'How can I achieve what she's achieving, how can I do something that she's doing by helping so many young people?'

"Not just athletes but kids around the world and especially in the UK, what she is doing for her charity and what she is doing for young kids. These kids look up to this young lady and that's inspiring.

"That's what the Olympics can do, not just in this country but all around the world, and that's why our country will make this Olympics one of the best, if not the best Olympics of all time."

Beckham said he is happy in the United States, where he plays for Los Angeles Galaxy and lives with his wife Victoria, sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz -- and his imminent first daughter.

"I've had such an exciting career so far ... when it will end, who knows. I continue to enjoy my football like I'm doing, I love playing. Until that changes, then I'll continue to play whether that will be here or in the U.S. I'm enjoying my time playing for the Galaxy and have no reason to move anywhere else."

Beckham is still a regular visitor to the UK, and was a guest at the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in April.

"They're an amazing couple that a month ago made our country so proud to see their amazing occasion," he said.

"To have watched Prince Harry and Prince William grow up from such a young age and go through what they have gone through -- it was such an amazing occasion for our country. To be part of that was incredible."

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