David Beckham - entrevista en The Dan Patrick Show

Los Angeles Galaxy star David Beckham joined the show to talk about his career and much more.

– Dan asked Beckham if he’s nervous about his Los Angeles Lakers. “Not nervous at all,” Beckham said. “Spoke to Kobe. He’s still confident. It’s going to be difficult. But they’re a confident bunch.”

– Beckham talked about his future in the MLS. “This is the last year of my five-year contract,” Beckham said. “At the moment, I haven’t decided what to do at the end of the season.” Beckham said injuries have taken a toll on him, so he just wants to get through the season.

Beckham said he still gets calls from Premiereship teams. But he thinks he won’t go back to Manchester United.

– Dan asked who was a better scorer — Thierry Henry in is prime or Lionel Mesi. He said it’s hard to compare. But he did say Mesi was a freak — ”closest to Maradona that you’re ever going to get.”

– Beckham said that he was very excited about the Royal Wedding. It meant a lot to him because his grandparents taught him about the Royal Family.

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