Mel C habla sobre la familia Beckham

Mel C talks about Beckhams family in an interview:

Thankfully, all the Spice kids get on well too. "The Beckham boys are so lovely," says Melanie. "They're pretty boisterous, but well behaved. Victoria is a strict mummy and instils a lot of discipline and respect in them.

"They are always very sweet when they visit. Scarlet's much smaller than them but they're gentle and take care of her. Geri's daughter Bluebell is such a sweetheart too and very motherly with Scarlet, so that's lovely to see. If they ever formed a supergroup when they were older that would be interesting!" So will the Beckham boys be chasing after Scarlet when they're all older? "I'm afraid she already has a boyfriend and that's Emma's little boy Beau," laughs Melanie. "He's absolutely gorgeous. We're giving them a healthy nudge towards each other.

"Cruz is a little bit too old for her anyway!"

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