''Justin Bieber Beckham'' sugirio Romeo

En el programa de tv Jimmy Kimmel Live!, David Beckham contó que él y Victoria le pidieron a sus hijos que sugieran nombres para el bebé antes de conocer su sexo.

Romeo sugirio 'Justin Bieber', y ahora que saben que es una niña, Romeo dijo 'Bueno, ¿que tal 'Justine Bieber Beckham?'. Los niños son muy fanaticos del joven cantante Justin Bieber, hasta le han preguntado a David: 'Crees que podríamos invitar a Justin Bieber a jugar con nosotros algun dia?' a lo que David respondio en el programa de tv: 'Creo que esta un poco ocupado.'


Beckham said he and Victoria asked their sons to give name suggestions prior to knowing the sex. One of his boys, Romeo, suggested Justin Bieber as a name.

"When we got told it was a boy…Romeo, my middle child was like, ‘Well, how ‘bout Justin Bieber as a name?’ Justin Bieber Beckham," Beckham said.

Kimmel commented, "That would be the most famous baby in the history of the world!"

He continued, "So now we know it’s a girl, he’s like, 'Well, how ‘bout Justine, Bieber Beckham?’”

Beckham says the name suggestion comes from his boys being Bieber fanatics.

"The two youngest [boys] are huge fans [of Justin Bieber].…They met him. We went to a concert a few months back, they loved it," he said, adding his youngest recently asked, "'Do you think we could have a play date with Justin Beiber?'" to which Beckham said on the late night show, "I think he’s a little bit busy."

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