Patricia Field, estilista de 'Sex & the City', alaba el estilo de Victoria Beckham

Patricia Field dice que Victoria Beckham tiene un estilo propio.
''Victoria Beckham es un ejemplo de alguien que es dueño de su propio estilo. El estilo es como una bandera. Cuando vemos rojo, azul y blanco lo asociamos con la bandera norteamericana. Cuando vemos a Victoria Beckham, inmediatamente la asociamos con su propio estilo. Lo repito: ella es dueña!''
''Victoria ha creado su estilo que es muy glamoroso. Definitivamente tiene su propia manera de combinar dos piezas y los demás intentan copiarla. ''

Patricia Field Praises Victoria Beckham's Style

'Sex and the City' stylist Patricia Field has praised Victoria Beckham's style credentials.

Victoria Beckham "owns her style" according to costume designer Patricia Field.

The 'Sex and the City' stylist thinks some people get too serious about fashion but praises Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria for her attitude to clothes and believes she gets it right every time.

She told "My hint to all is, enjoy it! Don't be too serious about it. Choose what you like - and don't get distracted by what's trendy or what your friends like. Express yourself and you will own it."

"Victoria Beckham an example of someone who owns her style. Style is like a flag. When we see red, white and blue we think America. When we see Victoria Beckham, we immediately associate her style with her. To repeat . she owns it!"

Patricia has previously compared Victoria to Lady Gaga, saying the pair have a "similar" approach to fashion.

She said: "They're both very different in style and yet very similar. Lady Gaga is a pop star personified. Like Madonna before her, she has fun with her fashion and it's all very showy and tongue in cheek.

"In the same way, Victoria's created her own look that's very glamorous. She definitely has her own way of putting outfits together that other people try to copy. They're very different as style icons, but individually both very stylish in their own right."

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