Celebs in collection: Carol Vorderman

Back in November 2010, Vorderman said: 'I think Victoria Beckham’s range is one of the few making dresses and skirts that go below the knee, while still being fashionable.

'They’re not cheap, but I can still wear them years later without looking dated. It’s simple Forties styling. Above the knee is fine if you’re in your 20s, but I don’t feel it’s overly appropriate at my age.'

'They are also based on the Forties style, which goes in at the waist. Sadly, if I don't wear anything nipped in at the waist, I look like a sack of spuds (although many online commentators seemed to think I did anyway!), so her dresses are perfect for me.

'I've met Posh several times, and she is tiny and immaculate. But I don't set out to copy her, and luckily we've never been at the same do in the same dress.'


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