''Para la primavera, el color dorado y bronce de Victoria Beckham en la piel''

Lo dice Rebecca Rivers, fundadora de la marca de cosmeticos LU.
From the eyes to the cheeks, spring makeup has its own set of cosmetics rules.
"Everything is a little bit lighter," says Abby Prather, a freelance makeup artist and licensed aesthetician. "A really heavy matte red or brown lipstick -- that's not going to be real springy. Heavy black liner? Not so much." The look for spring, as the past has shown us, is "really fresh, pretty and natural," says Kiralee Hubbard, owner of EyeMAX Makeup Artistry boutique and salon in Indianapolis. The definite trends for spring are bright, fruity, natural and inspired by the '70s. "One of the most popular looks is orange lips," says Rebecca Rivers, founder of Lu Cosmetics. "The trick is you have to find the orange that suits you." Eyes are either brightly colored or done in smoky pastels in shadow or liner form. "You start with a little bit of color," Prather says. "Put that on your lashline, and blend that out until it almost disappears -- like a watercolor painting. It's that '70s look that's very soft and blended in." Regardless of the eye shadow color you choose, lashes are "really, really big," says Sparkle Myers, a makeup artist and owner of Makeup by Sparkle. "It's more about length and not about thickness."

Skin is dewy, but also golden and bronzed -- again, a very '70s look. Think Victoria Beckham, Rivers says.

Be conscientious of your skin and how it changes; it will get darker later in the season. "(People) need to change their foundation color," Hubbard says. "I recommend at least two shades of foundation a year."
There are looks to avoid. "I wouldn't overdo liner," Myers says. "I know liner is in, but just a thin layer."
The rock star look, Myers says, is out. "Avoid chunky glitter," she says. "Save that for the stage."
Vivid blue eye shadow is in, Rivers says, but "if you do a big streak of blue eye shadow on your eye, you're going to look dated."
A groomed eyebrow is key, Hubbard says, but avoid overfilling the brows with brow shadow that's too dark.
"Most people are really surprised by the brow shadow I pick for them," she says, noting her choice is often a shade or two lighter than clients would pick.

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