Pregnant Victoria Beckham says she doesn't know whether her baby's a boy or a girl, but the fashionista's reportedly been spotted snapping up pink baby goodies.

Posh, 36, is said to have hit New York store Barneys and bought a $34 pink-edged onesie with an image of a girl at the doctors and the slogan: 'It's a case of the cutes, for which there is no known cure' printed underneath.

Victoria - who has 3 sons with footballer David Beckham, 35 - is also said to have bought a $20 'She has some food issues' dish set.

'Having a little girl is obviously on her mind,' a source tells US Star. 'She looked fantastic.

'Really healthy and just glowing.'



Ryan Giggs thanks David Beckham for his long career

The former Wales captain made his Manchester United debut way back on March 2, 1991, coming on as a 17-year-old substitute in a 2-0 Old Trafford defeat to Everton.

But he admits he feared the George Best syndrome, with the celebrity circuit overwhelming him, until Beckham came on the scene to take the heat off him.

The young Giggs used to get 3,000 letters a week, more than even Princess Diana, and quickly became the number one pin-up in Britain.

“Thankfully Becks then broke through and I was able to fade into the background, which is where I wanted to be” said Giggs, as he celebrated his extraordinary anniversary.

“I guess Becks’ arrival enabled me to just concentrate upon my football.”

United legend Best quit top football in his twenties, whereas Giggs is set to break new Premier League ground by playing into his 40s.

And he openly admits Beckham’s arrival is one of the reasons he has been able to last the test of time.

“I was sort of trying to keep out of the limelight, but when I first broke into the team, there was a lot of hype,” said Giggs.

“I went out with a few girls who were famous as well and I had photographers following me home or wherever I went.

“I remember in my first full season, Today newspaper had a week of features about me, delving into my family, my dad’s family, the rift between my mum and dad, that sort of thing.

“I was only 18 and I didn’t really like any of it. Put it this way, it wakes you up quite quickly and toughens you up.

“Then the best thing possible happened. Becks came into the team and everything happened with him, so that was good timing for me I suppose.

“I guess I’ve got more to be grateful about with him than he imagines!

“I was able to just concentrate entirely upon my football and I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m still able to play at the top level today.”

Wales Online


Georgie Thompson has said that she would love to have David Beckham as a guest on A League Of Their Own.

The Sky Sports News presenter appears as a regular on the Sky1 panel show with Andrew Flintoff, Jamie Redknapp, John Bishop and host James Corden.

"It would be nice to get Becks on," Thompson said at the third series launch. "A lot of football stars that I talk to are so well media trained but the one thing that this show does is disarm everybody.

"They're allowed to be themselves more and that's great, because you see a bit of a different side than the one you might read about in the papers or see in a sports interview.


Victoria has laid down 6 ‘love commandments’ according to Now magazine.

A source told the mag that the ex Spice Girl, who is expecting her fourth baby with footie star hubby David Beckham likes to breakfast in bed minus the couples growing brood at least once a week as well as a full day alone together between the sheets once a month.

Victoria also insists on a monthly summit with her husband to ensure any niggling problems are discussed so that they do not develop into bigger issues.

Forth on the list is a sex ban of up to 4 weeks to create a build up of sexual tension between the pair as well as an evening a week where there is no discussion about the couple’s children so they can be themselves and not mum and dad.




Victoria Beckham is apologetic after her chauffeur-driven black Jaguar was parked in a bay for the disabled outside a toy-shop in Harlow, Essex.

The wrong parking deprived seriously ill cystic fibrosis sufferer Chantelle Hughes of the parking spot in front of Toys R Us at lunchtime last Sunday, reports dailymail.

On Sunday night, a spokesman for Victoria told the Daily Mail: "This was a momentary lapse in judgement by Victoria's driver, not something that Victoria was aware of or would ever condone. Victoria is of course, hugely apologetic for any inconvenience that may have been caused."

The fashion designer and her sister Louise Adams went to the shop to buy four 'Bob the Builder' branded balloons on sticks, believed to be part of celebrations for her youngest son Cruz's sixth birthday that day.

However, Victoria, who along with husband David is estimated to be worth 145 million pounds, and Adams were inside, Chantelle was driven up by her husband and unable to park in the space for the disabled.

She noticed Victoria's car did not have a blue badge, indicating a disability. The lady then waited patiently for the driver to come back out so she could point out the error of her ways.

"Victoria Beckham needs to realise that disabled people could have parked there. She needs to think about it next time," said Chantelle.

he couple who have made Los Angeles their home after moving from England have finally decided to make the shift back now that their boys are getting older.

The celebrity couple have announced that they are sending Brooklyn, 11, back to the UK to attend a prestigious private school. However according to UK reports the school has not yet confirmed that the Beckhams have enrolled Brooklyn. “We never comment on the names of pupils or potential pupils.”

David who is currently playing in the US for the LA Galaxy football team is said to not be renewing his contract which ends at the end of 2012. This is when the rest of the family will move back to England.


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