Important: 60+ Earth Hour 2011- Switch off for a living planet

Este sábado 26 de marzo de 2011 apaguemos la luz para demostrar que nos importa el ahorro de energía y el cambio climático. Apaga las luces durante 1 hora el sábado 26 de marzo de 20.30 a 21.30 horas
On Saturday 26th, March 2011 the world will yet again come together to switch off for one hour, and this time to celebrate a global campaign -The 60+ Earth Hour. To join us all, please put off your lights between 8:30 to 9:30 PM

The Earth Hour is a global grass root initiative advocating individuals, government and businesses all across the globe, to come together and take positive action towards the environment and celebrating their commitment towards a living planet by switching off the lights for an hour.

The Earth Hour which started as a movement has become a revolution, which involves participation of different countries coming together for the unity of the planet.
More than turning off the lights, the Earth Hour is all about imparting people a voice and working together to create a better future for our planet.

India joined this movement in the year 2009 and this participation reached new heights in 2010 which saw participation of 6 million Indian across 128 cities and 600,000 students from different institute.

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