David Beckham inspira a Lampard al momento de su retiro

Lampard ha hablado sobre el momento de su retiro y ha declarado que piensa en cuánto más puede jugar. David Beckham le ha servido de inspiración para no abandonar el juego.
Lampard said: “It is great to be captain. It is a huge honour personally, one I've been hanging around a long time for!

“I am very proud and it is one to tell the kids and the grandchildren about.

“My appetite for England is as great as ever and it always will be until the day they don't want me or the day it becomes clear I'm not good enough anymore.

“I will always be available for England, I'll always have the appetite to play as well as I can, contribute and do well.

“Some people talk about retiring. I'm thinking how many more years can I play and I'll always have that mindset. David Beckham has been an inspiration from that point of view.”

Lampard added: “It is an easy thing to say when you fail in a World Cup that 'the players don't care.'

“Of course we care, we just didn't win. It should always be what you grow up wanting to do. There won't be a prouder man than Jack Wilshere making his full debut.”

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