23 Feb'11 Victoria en LA

Victoria Beckham llegó a LA... estará presente en los Oscars, según la prensa!, y se encontró con Katie Price en el avión, ex pareja de Dane Bowers ( ¿se acuerdan que Victoria hizo un single con él?). Katie dijo 'Espero Victoria sea simpática!' Parece que Victoria y ella tuvieron una pelea.
En fin, lo importante es que sabemos que Victoria esta en LA y podría ir a los Oscars =)

Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to face her old rival Katie Price on a flight to Los Angeles.The 36-year-old fashion designer is said to be on the same flight as the model to Los Angeles where they are both headed for the Oscars.The pair fell out several years ago when Price, 32, was dating singer Dane Bowers and Beckham worked with him on a single.According to UK newspaper the Daily Star, Price said: 'I can't believe we're on the same flight. I hope she's friendly.'Price reportedly said she would offer to make peace with the star if they got the chance to speak while on the flight.

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