David Beckham's suit

David Beckham wore a superbly crafted three-piece suit for his appearance on stage; he looked very dapper, and was also supporting a matching tie made out of the suit fabric!
This 3 piece suit is certainly unique and inspirational for the bespoke enthusiast - a really "nifty" creation. I personally have had many requests for this from far afield so let us take a closer look at Mr Beckham's outfit of choice.
The 'three-piece suit' is a jacket worn with matching trousers and set off with a waistcoat. A waistcoat has a full vertical opening in the front which fastens with buttons or snaps. Both single-breasted and double-breasted waistcoats exist regardless of the formality of dress, but single-breasted waistcoats are more common. With a three-piece suit, the cloth used matches the jacket and trousers.
Before wrist watches became popular, gentlemen kept their pocket watches in the front waistcoat pocket, with the watch on a watch chain threaded through a buttonhole. Sometimes, an extra hole was made in line with the buttonholes for this use. A bar on the end of the chain held the chain in place to catch it if it were dropped or pulled. Now waistcoats are worn less, so the pocket watch may be more likely be stored in a trouser pocket.

Wearing a belt with a waistcoat (and indeed, any suit) is not traditionally correct. The waistcoat instead covers a pair of braces (suspenders in the U.S.) underneath it, to give a more comfortable hang to the trousers.
A custom still sometimes practised is to leave the bottom button undone. This is said to have been started by King Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales), whose expanding waistline required it. Variations on this include that he forgot to fasten the lower button when dressing and this was copied. It has also been suggested that the practice originated to prevent the waistcoat riding up when on horseback. Undoing the bottom button avoids stress to the bottom button when sitting down; when it is fastened, the bottom of the waistcoat pulls sideways causing wrinkling and bulging, since modern waistcoats are cut lower than old ones.

Mr. Beckham has opted for a perfect, on-trend single breasted mid-grey Prince of Wales check suit. David has added a classic two button jacket design, with straight flapped pockets which adds great lines to the look of the jacket. He has bridged the gap between a classic and modern with a six buttoned waistcoat. A classic stitched, notched subtle collar design has been added to his jacket to increase the dramatic effect of the waistcoat. He is therefore sporting a six button design with a rare 4 pocket combination. The matching tie is awesome! For the trousers, a classic straight cut with cross pockets for easy access has set off David’s three-piece suit exceptionally well.

David Beckham has always embraced a love affair with ‘suiting'.

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