¡Fiesta de Disfraces! // Costume Party!

¡Hola, fans! sólo queria compartir con ustedes que hoy tengo una fiesta de disfraces y me iré de Posh. Este es el vestido y los zapatos. Me maquillaré y me peinaré como en Too Much. A ver qué sale! jajaja. Besos.
Hi, fans! just wanted to share with you that I'm going to a costume party tonight and I'm going as Posh. These are the dress and shoes. I'll have the make-up and hairdo of Posh in Too Much video. Let's see what comes out of all of this! hahaha- xxxxx



sternchenslove said...

I wish you a great Party and hope you find a David! ;)

Cheryl Cole said...

Si es que esta muchacha es toda una diva!!!

GlamBeckhams website said...

*Thank u Stern! Oh at least the boy last night was blond and had green eyes, that's the closet i go to David Beckham hahahaha. xxxxxxx

*Mariaaaa y tu tambien hermosa! Gracias =) xxxxxxxxxx


Sara said...

You looked fantastic, LOVE the make-up, it really sutis you, hope you had a blast.

GlamBeckhams website said...

thank u a lot, Sara!! i had a lot of fun (and drinks lol).

khyrull said...

I love it, Ahnny !!!

xoxo Khyrull Adeni