David habla sobre el juego de hoy contra FC Dallas

The Galaxy, for instance, defeated FC Dallas twice in 2010, 1-0 in Texas in May and 2-1 in California in October, but its title hopes could fly out the window in one play on Sunday when the teams square off at 6 p.m. in the Western Conference final at the Home Depot Center.

The winner will advance to the MLS Cup in Toronto on Nov. 21.

David Beckham, sporting a stocking cap and scratching his playoff beard, did not consider the question for long.

Since the Galaxy had the best record in Major League Soccer in 2010, shouldn't it be the league champion without all the fuss and bother of playoff games?

"Yeah, it should," Beckham replied, "but things are done obviously a little bit different" in the U.S.

"It's exciting for the fans. It's exciting for the players. It's something that obviously I've never done before with other teams in other leagues, but I enjoy it. These are the game you're meant to enjoy."

"They know their strengths and they play to them," Beckham said. "They've got a couple of good players that they get the ball to as quickly as possible, and then they break on you. They've got a good team, good individuals and a good worth ethic. When you've got that, you'll be successful."

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