David Beckham para GQ 4nov'10

He is the exception to every rule: the well-dressed, articulate footballer turned ambassador who made LA Galaxy worth watching and emerged unscathed fromEngland's World Cup debacle in South Africa. To mark the release of his new fragrance Initimately Yours For Him, David Beckham exclusively reveals to GQ.com his own sartorial rules, grooming regime and his worst style mistake (and it wasn't a haircut)…

My most important style rule? Be comfortable. But if you're buying a suit, the cut and fit have to be perfect.

I can't remember buying my first aftershave. I used to wear my grandfather's Old Spice.

The first thing I owned that I thought was stylish was the BMW convertible I bought with my first paycheque from Man United.

My post-match regime is shower, moisturize, eat well and sleep a lot.

Since moving to LA, I take more care of my skin. Especially in the sun. I use Dr Lancer sun block.

Is Snoop well-groomed? Most guys like to take care of themselves these days

Every haircut I've had has been good at the time. I feel happy to express myself.

The best restaurant I've ever been to is the original Nobu in LA.

The secret to making a great masculine scent? Subtlety. Your signature scent should be nothing too overpowering, something that suits the occasion

Steve McQueen is my style hero. But Mick Jagger in the Sixties looked very cool.

How do you dress well for a wedding? Good suit, clean shoes.

What's the worst outfit I've ever worn? Matching Gucci leather outfits to a Versace party with my wife - wrong on so many levels!

The most common style mistake men make is wearing the wrong shoes.

There have been a few vain footballers that I've met. But it's not fair to name names…

Every man should have Jay-Z, Dean Martin and Coldplay on his iPod.

Should you let your wife buy your clothes? Why not?

Intimately Yours For Him Beckham is out now. £29 for 50ml

GQ magazine, Zigazig-ha

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