29 nov'10 David Beckham visitando 2012 Olympic Stadium en Londres

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LONDRES, 29 Nov (PL) El futbolista inglés David Beckham afirmó hoy estar "seguro" de la victoria de su país en las elecciones del próximo jueves, en las cuales se decidirá la sede del Mundial 2018.

"Espero que marque la diferencia", dijo Beckham sobre la posibilidad de Inglaterra de imponerse en la votación de la Federación Internacional de Fútbol (FIFA), prevista para celebrarse en Zúrich.

"Mucha gente, está trabajando duro para la candidatura, entre ellos el Príncipe Guillermo" destacó la ex estrella del Manchester United. El ex capitán de la selección inglesa hizo estas declaraciones ante la prensa en esta ciudad, donde visitó por primera vez el Estadio Olímpico, sede de los Juegos del 2012.

Muy cerca del 2 de diciembre, fecha en que se decidirá la sede del certamen mundialista del 2018, Beckham enfatizó en la necesidad de mostrar todo lo que el equipo de esa candidatura ha hecho para tener opciones reales de aspirar a la elección.

Los directivos del fútbol inglés cuentan con el "Efecto Beckham" sobre los responsables de decidir cuál será la sede.

El actual jugador de los LA Galaxy viajará a Suiza junto con el príncipe Guillermo y el primer ministro británico, David Cameron, para defender ante la FIFA la candidatura inglesa.

Inglaterra, pese a ser el lugar donde nació el fútbol, sólo ha recibido en una ocasión el Mundial, en 1966.


David Beckham has given a thumbs up to England's chances of staging the 2018 World Cup, as he visited the London 2012 Olympic Stadium for the first time.

He said he was "confident" but not taking it for granted that England could win this week's crunch vote in Zurich. Standing in the stadium was a "very proud" moment, not just because he was an east London-born lad but also because he could tell it would be a "beautiful stadium" to play football in after 2012.

"I think that maybe my sons have got a better chance than me (of playing in the Olympic Stadium) considering my age but as a stadium it is somewhere I would love to play in because you can see the atmosphere here already is great and there is no one in it, " he said.

"This is the first time I have been in the stadium area and been able to see the development of the stadium. When you drive up to it - it has obviously got that awe about it. It is a very proud moment, not just for myself but also for East End people, to be able to see the make over of the area."

Beckham played a key ambassadorial role in securing London for the Olympics in Singapore in 2005 and was involved in the Beijing 2008 closing ceremony as the Chinese capital passed the Olympic flame on to London. After his brief stopover in Stratford, east London, Beckham is now off to try and see if he can help edge the 2018 World Cup bid to victory.

He said: "Hopefully I will make a difference. There are many people, like Prince William, who have been involved and working hard for the bid and to get it to this final point. We are going to Fifa and a lot of delegates because we need to tell those people about why we feel it is the right thing for us to get the World Cup.

"I feel that at the end of the day it is down to what the bid team have done. England have a history and tradition (in football) and it is about the benefits that can be generated by having the World Cup in England."

Seeing the World Cup being played in England, like having the 2012 Games staged on home turf, would be a dream come true, according to Beckham. He said: "Obviously it is something that people have worked hard for and quite a long time, and now it is up to the next few days. We are confident that we have put in the best bid that we can do."

A strong united front highlighting the wealth of support for the bid is to be shown. Beckham expects to take part in a few events and meet people ahead of the decision, but he added: "But it is just the importance of us being there and the team being there. It is very important now to just stay positive and just hope for the best because really we have put the best bid in that we can do.

"The point that we have always hammered home is that we have always believed we can put on the best World Cup and that we can work as a team. We always believe the best about England and football but we are not over-confident. We believe we can host the World Cup best but we just need to let everybody know that we are ready for it. It is important for many generations of people, not just in our country but all over the world."

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David Beckham saliendo del restaurante C London//David leaving C London restaurant

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