Video: David Beckham Teen Choice 2010

Thanks a lot to Lily for e-mailing a video to us!

In the videos, David talks about:

Victoria: “She’s an amazing mother. I think when you see a woman willing to immerse [herself] in the children and become this amazing person with the children, now that’s one of the most attractive things about Victoria and about anyone.” “She looks amazing when she’s dressed up, but then when she’s dressed down, jeans, flip flops, you know, I love her when she’s like that,” “She looks great both.”
The couple: "We make time for each other. We work hard as individuals, but our main job is being parents to our boys. Our boys are our lives," "Our number one priority is our boys, but we make time for ourselves and go to dinners and romantic weekends."
Glee: "We watch it sometimes with the boys, but me and Victoria put the boys to bed at 9:00 and watch it," "Victoria loves the show!"

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