David para Inglaterra 2018 Copa Mundial.

Recuerdan que David esta haciendo hasta lo imposible para que Inglaterra sea la sede de la Copa Mundial 2018?
Bueno, el 2 de diciembre estará en Zurich, Suiza, junto al Principe Williams y el Primer Ministro David Cameron en la votación.
England 2018 plan to build on their successful FIFA inspection visit by parading their 'three lions' at the World Cup vote in Zurich on December 2 - David Beckham, FA president Prince William and Prime Minister David Cameron.
The closing statement from the FIFA team leader Harold Mayne-Nicholls described the line-up of celebrities his group had met during their four-day trip as 'world class'.
And England 2018 intend to go higher up their A-list roster by having their top trio from football, royalty and politics in the delegation for the decisive trip to Switzerland.
Bid leader Andy Anson said: 'After all the concentration on the inspection, we'll now turn our attention to December 2 and try to make sure we make as much impact as possible with all our key people in place. We've got a clear road map of the next few months. We feel we're in a good place, but the competition is strong.
'We will try to visit as many of the voters as we can between now and December. It's better to see them in their own countries, provided FIFA give the necessary permission.'


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