Collection: campaña publicitaria para Tsum

Collection: Ad campaign for Tsum

Esto es simplemente FA-BU-LO-SO!
La modelo Cindy Crawford hizo una campaña publicitaria para la muy prestigiosa boutique de Rusia, Tsum - ¿Recuerdan que Victoria estuvo allí presentando su colección hace unos meses?.
En la pieza gráfica podemos apreciar a Cindy Crawford en un diseño de Victoria Beckham.
This is just FAN-TAS-TIC!
Model Cindy Crawford lead an ad campaign for the prestigious Russian boutique Tsum - Remember Victoria was there to launch her collection in the store, a few months ago?.
In the graphic piece, we can see the famous model in a Victoria Beckham dress.

Thanks a lot to Sara! who e-mailed the info to us, and Tsum


Sara said...

I forgot to send you the video from Vogue Russia website, here it is;

khyrull said...

That is just really is MAJOR.. I want Gisele Bundchen do advert wearing Victoria dress!..

GlamBeckhams website said...

Thank you so much, Sara!
I'll post it right now =)

Khyrull: hi, sweety! Yes, that would be massive. Kate Moss too!!