Los turcos disgustados con Victoria Beckham en Vogue

Los musulmanes estan muy en desacuerdo en que la reviste muestre la 'decadencia occidental'.
Duran Kaya, 45, dijo 'Creemos que las mujeres no deberían mostrar sus cuerpos en público. Es en lo que creemos como musulmanes. No me sentiría cómodo si mi esposa o mis hijas se vistieran así.'

Strict Muslims have called for the magazine to be boycotted because her “western decadence” is a bad influence.
Locals in the hard-line Fatih district of Istanbul slammed the shots.
Barber Duran Kaya, 45, said: “We believe women should not flaunt their bodies in public. It’s what we believe as Muslims.
“I would not be comfortable if my wife or daughters dressed like it.”
Sources claim the country is moving towards a more fundamentalist outlook and the influence of Islam is growing.
A Brit expat in Istanbul said: “Turkey is a very tolerant country but a Western woman boozing and flashing her thighs will not go down well.”


Anonymous said...

yea, in my opinion its true that in Islam, woman body is aurat (must be covered)...even i love VB, but to publish VOGUE mags in Turkey, u should learned their religion as well..we need to respect their belief...Don't try to put a fire on religion matters..~peace no war

Anonymous said...

Well, this is purely stereotypical, they interviewed one person, a hairdresser, from the most conservative-viewed neighborhood in Istanbul, obviously that was how everyone viewed the cover.... Just get over with these prejudgements...